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Sno Biz of Lafayette is an independently owned and locally operated dealer of the Sno Biz signature shave ice products. 

The Sno Biz family began over 30 years ago in the great state of Minnesota.  Sno Biz of Lafayette is excited to become one of the latest additions to the Sno Biz family.  We are dedicated to providing our community with quality products and excellent service.

You can get to know us here, but we'd love to meet you in person as well!

Come visit us at our Creasy Lane location in Lafayette, IN.

Get to know your snobiz

HOURS | Monday - Wednesday: Closed | Thursday - Saturday: 2-9 | Sunday 2-8

Sno Biz and Sno Biz of Lafayette love our earth. 

Our company is social and environmentally conscious and responsible.  With the shave ice industry standard of producing heavy plastic jugs of flavor and then trucking them across the country, we thought there must be a better way!  So, we started from the ground up and after much research and taste-testing, we created the Sno Biz Dry-Pak Flavor System.  Our proprietary flavor system significantly reduces the CO2 emissions generated by trucking and eliminates the plastic jug landfill waste by utilizing re-usable eco-friendly mixing and storage containers.  With a more stable, longer shelf life, Sno Biz Dry-Pak Flavors are made up in-store to provide the freshest mouth-watering flavors possible. 

Quality Products, Quality Flavors

Sno Biz created over 50 mouthwatering, true-to-life flavors that have fans craving Sno Biz shave ice, ice blended coffees, and slush.  Even more delicious treats await you at Sno Biz of Lafayette, where we offer both shave ice AND ice cream, letting you craft your own concoctions like Sno Biz milkshakes, sundaes, and more.  And, at the customers request, real fresh fruit can be added to any Sno Biz treat that will make your tongue dance in pure joy. 

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